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Outlaw is America's #1 Brand of DOT approved Motorcycle Half Helmets and Retro Open Face Helmets. Our AX Series are some of the smallest, thinnest and lightest Half Helmets on the market today. We also proudly offer Half Helmets with Officially Licensed US Military Graphics.
Outlaw Helmets Save Lives

One of the hardest things about writing a motorcycle blog on a regular basis is the fact that anytime you Google the word "motorcycle" you are, almost always, met with nothing but a string of headlines about motorcycle crashes and accidents that have led to fatalities. It is a reality of riding a motorcycle that you are just not as safe as you could be in a car, even if most of the accidents that occur on bikes are not the fault of the bikers themselves. People just don't seem to notice us when we're out there on the road - doesn't matter if we have loud pipes and are riding at noon, or if we have quiet pipes and we're riding in the dark of night. People - some people at least - just aren't trained and don't consider the fact that motorcycle riders are out there, sharing the same roads as them, and this all-too-often leads to tragedy.

Today, though, is a different day. A good day. The reason being: we have a story to share with you of not just one rider, but a happy couple who are alive and breathing today, despite being in a tragic accident not too long ago. What's more, the couple bought their Outlaw helmets from us at LeatherUp a little while back, and they both have written to us, thanking us for the helmets we carry, and Amy Waldman told us point blank, " I am very fortunate to be alive today thanks to wearing the OUTLAW helmet! It saved my life and I could never thank you enough! Thank you!!!"

Well, you're welcome, Amy. Both you and your husband, Corey, are the reason we are in business today, and the reason why we think that selling the best, most trusted brands of helmets, like Outlaw, is the only way to do business. We can't take responsibility for saving Amy and Corey's lives, but we are beyond happy that they are alive today, and it is such an uplifting story around the offices of LeatherUp that we just had to share it with all of our loyal readers.

Amy and Corey Waldman (and their full names are only used here as they have been publicly released) were traveling down U.S. 35 in Ohio on August 17th when a police officer rammed into the back of them going at almost full speed. The couple were knocked from their bike instantly, and both flew and fell to the hard highway road. Both Amy and Corey survived, thanks in part to the safety gear they were wearing, though both of them suffered extensive injuries all over their bodies. Amy in particular suffered from facial contusions and both her and her husband had severe lacerations on differing parts of their bodies.

The police officer who rammed into the back of them has been forgiven by the couple, though, who are harboring no hard feelings against the law enforcement individual, even though it appears in the provided video that he makes no attempt to swerve or brake. It seems possible that he just simply didn't see the couple in a moment of not paying attention, and Amy and Corey had to suffer the consequences of that mistake. We admire both of the Waldmans, though, in their effort to take the high road and forgiving as much as they can.

Today, and every day since we've heard from Amy and her husband, we are grateful that we could even be mentioned by them as being a part of what saved their life. We know that we didn't really do anything, other than sell them the gear that we back up with our own guarantees and promises, and so it is extremely humbling to be thanked when it comes to helmets we sold that ended up saving a life. All too often we are guilty of getting wrapped up in sales, numbers, charts and graphs, and we forget the fact that the products we are selling are actually saving lives and preventing injuries. That is why all of the Outlaw helmets we carry are at least DOT, if not SNELL certified.

Moments like this make us glad to be in the business we're in, and we want to thank Amy and Corey Waldman again (and again) for sharing their story. We are so glad you are both alive, and our hopes and prayers go out to you in this time of recovery.

From all of us, to all of you, take care and ride safe out there. We'll see you next time.

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